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Leo Amigo


Tattoo Artist

*Leo is currently on an indefinite sabbatical from tattooing *

Leo Amigo is a Chicago based artist who uses video, illustration, tattooing, hand lettering, and calligraphy to activate letterforms in public spaces in the US and abroad. He is a graduate from Columbia College Chicago. His practice centers typographical tattoos and street art installations to subvert traditional narratives associated with calligraphy and hand lettering.


All tattoo inquires can be sent via email to​

All Inquires should include:

-Your Name & Contact info (email and phone number)

-Description and/or reference images of what you’d like

-Info on size, placement, and color preferences

-Your availability

*If applicable, add any additional info/ photos regarding preexisting tattoos, birthmarks, scars, skin conditions you may have in that area.

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