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Piercing: About



Appointments are required for ALL piercing services.

This includes getting pierced, downsizing or changing jewelry , buying jewelry and check ups.

  • For any pre-appointment questions, you can email, or you can include your question in the comments/message section when you book!

  • We only book out One month at a time. On the last week of each month, we open the next month's calendar. 

  • You can now book with either our lead piercer Kameko, or Our Jr. Piercer Katrina. Please read the information below before booking with Katrina!

Services offered:

  • Oral 

(most variations of lip piercing & single point tongue piercings)

  • Nasal

(Septum, Nostril, Bridge)

  • Body

(Navel, Nipples, VCH, Pubic Mound, outer Labia) 

  • Ear curations

(Long appointment time set to asses anatomy, ear map, choose jewelry & do up to 4 piercings per sitting)

  • Specialty Ear Piercings 

(Rook, Daith, Conch, Tragus , Anti-Tragus , Surface Tragus, Industrial, Vertical Industrial, Snug. 

*Currently delegating all  other ear piercing's to Katrina ---> )

  • Checkups & Consultations

(Please read description listed when you book to make sure you need one of these appointments!)

  • Downsize Appointments

(Oral Piercings, Bridge Piercings, Genital Piercings. All others please see Katrina!) 

Jewelry Changes

  • (Oral Piercings, Bridge Piercings, Genital Piercings. All others please see Katrina!) 

Services offered:


Ear Piercigns


  • Ear lobes

  • Helix 

  • Forward Helix

  • Conch

  • Tragus

  • Rook

  • Industrial

  • Flat/Scapha

  • Downsize Appointments

(All Ear Eiercings, Nostrils, Navels, Nipples & Septums) 

  • Jewelry Changes

(All Ear Eiercings, Nostrils, Navels, Nipples & Septums) 



*We are also still booking "discounted apprentice piercings"  for the following*

Nostril, Navel, Nipple, Septum, Labret, Side Lip, Philtrum

-These piercings are done under the direct supervision of a mentor

-Free service, you only pay for the Jewelry!

-Book through Kameko's page. Select "discounted apprentice piercing" & write in the comment box what you'd like to have done!

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