Tattoo Artist

Michal is an award winning Fine Artist & Illustrator with a BFA in Illustration from Columbia College Chicago. He is primarily a custom artist & offers work ranging from bold, new-school color pieces to black & grey portraits and realism. Michal takes an interest in many facets of body modification and is also a part time Body Piercer!



Tattoo Artist

Eloise has been in the industry for over 20 years. She prefers in-person consultations and takes new clients on a case by case basis at this time. She is a horror enthusiast and loves both dark & natural imagery. If you are one of her current clients, or someone new looking to explore the 'dark-feminine side', please call the shop!



Tattoo Artist

Leo Amigo is a Chicago based artist who uses video, illustration, tattooing, hand lettering, and calligraphy to activate letterforms in public spaces in the US and abroad. He is a graduate from Columbia College Chicago. His practice centers typographical tattoos and street art installations to subvert traditional narratives associated with calligraphy and hand lettering.