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Michal Grebosz


Tattoo Artist

*Effective 1/1/23*
Michal will be moving onto a new tattoo studio. 
We are very  grateful for his time & contributions at Skin Gallery and wish him the best on this next step in his tattooing  journey!
If you're a regular of his, or if you had been looking to book with him, he will now be tattooing at "Code of Conduct" in Chicago.


 I am a Tattoo Artist/illustrator currently based in Illinois who specializes in Fantasy art with an eerie twist.  Media such as television shows/Anime, comic books, and video games have influenced my drive into visual and figurative art, as well as my style in general . Even though my work has plenty of uplifting influences, I have always been drawn to the darker side of things and I try to directly reflect it in my art. Subject matter such as animals, skulls, creatures, and anime/comics are some of my favorite things to illustrate and tattoo!

  Growing up, my main area of study was Fine art, however as the years progressed I came to the realization that tattooing and illustration are my real passion. After I graduated Columbia College Chicago with a BFA in illustration, I dove straight into tattooing and haven’t looked back since.

I still enjoy the art of illustration as it helps supplement my ability to tattoo. My preferred method of drafting is through traditional work such as pencil, ink, and paint.  However, I have grown fond of digital methods in the recent years due to the magic of Procreate! I am always open to commission work - if you have any questions please feel free to contact me!

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