Appointments are required for ALL piercing services.

This includes getting pierced, downsizing or changing jewelry , buying jewelry and check ups.

  • For any pre-appointment questions, you can email, or you can include your question in the comments/message section when you book!

  • We only book out One month at a time. 

  • You can now book with either our lead piercer Kameko, or Our Jr. Piercer Katrina. Please read the information below before booking with Katrina!

Our Jr. Piercer Katrina is now Trained on Lobes, Helixes (side & forward) and Conch piercings!

Moving forward, Katrina will be flying solo on these piercings.

She  will be working at a discounted service rate of $25 (that's $20 off our normal service fee),

plus the cost of  jewelry, Until she graduates from "Jr. Piercer" status.

Keep an eye on our booking page & Instagram for updated info on these services!

*We are also still booking "discounted apprentice piercings"  for the following*

Nostril, Navel, Nipple, Tragus, Rook, Daith, Industrial

-These piercings are done under the direct supervision of a mentor

-Free service, you only pay for the Jewelry!

-Book through Kameko's page. Select "discounted apprentice piercing"