Body Piercer & Jewelry Curator

Junior Body Piercer & Jewelry Curator

Kameko is a Columbia College Chicago Graduate with a BA in Illustration. She served as our shop apprentice starting in October 2018, and has since become our full time Jewelry Sales Lead & Body Piercer. She has an eye for for balance & harmony, and loves curated ear projects! 

Katrina is the newest member of the Skin Gallery Family having started her Piercing Apprenticeship in January of 2022. She is a a multidisciplinary artist, with a focus in physical representation and human ornamentation through fashion. Katrina owns a vintage clothing company, Holding Cell & is a natural designer. Her work in fashion translates perfectly to adorning clients with the prefect jewelry curations for any style!

*By following the link above, you will be able to book a piercing with Katrina for the select services that she is fully trained on. She works at a discounted rate of a $25 service fee, plus the cost of jewelry.

If you would like to book a service she is still practicing under Mentor supervision, please click

"Book a Piercing with Kameko".

Here you will be able to select a "discounted apprentice piercing" from the list of services she is still training on.

(Free service, you pay jewelry. )